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Wanted to make sure you saw this

Forget predictions and where the planets are for a moment, especially if you’ve ever gotten too close to losing it and and were waiting around for a miracle.
There IS something you’re in control of. It’s difficult to imagine a miracle might ever be happening in the midst of so much grief and deception, in the world or your life, and your patience is already tested beyond all sane limits. But that’s exactly what it takes for an indescribable transformation to occur at your deepest core. And when all the Guilt and blame vanish, you open up as never before and the brilliant light dawns.
So what ARE you in control of?
Your power to surrender —surrender to the mystery of your life and the truth of your path here.
But, Oy! Till that happens….. The hell you have to go through sometimes that’s way too deep and personal to tell anybody about, a person could run screaming down the street—-or at least develop a wicked cold.