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Another Side of Trump “Presidency”

Another Side of Trump “Presidency

Even though each of us is facing our own personal challenge to overcome and a wound to heal on this particular Full Moon, it does have some significance in the world events. 0° Aquarius is a harbinger(see hamberder pic)of great change occurring now. The transition of the planet Uranus from Aries to Taurus will actually be a liberation for Taurus people who have been hamstrung for months, but for many people it can be held to go through between now and March.

As I have been saying we’re all about to go on a new path and as we choose that path we have to solve a dilemma of what is the “right” choice to make. What interests me about this Full Moon, along with the usual effects of a Lunar Eclipse, there are other questions: how to turn personal love into friendship and friendship into love? In political terms it’s a question between the monarchy and the rabble. There’s another set of issues as well:
because I consider the planet Uranus the ruler of the sign Aquarius, I believe that the global revolution has already begun in fact it’s bigger than Global. War has already been declared informally against the establishment. It will be a battle between the humans and the “out-of-towners.”

I’m not even sure what I mean by that, but time will tell.
Donald J Trump is the trigger point, it was the shot that was fired in the middle of the night in Washington DC on 9 November 2016. Trump’s ascendance to the “presidency“ – I don’t say elected, mainly because it may not have been an election as the masses were conditioned to think they had been privileged to enjoy. More on that as time goes on.  It doesn’t matter whether you favor Trump and his policies or oppose anything he seems to stand for or represent.
It does not matter from which a vantage point you are watching the hurricane – tsunami – forest fire to spread. Trumps reign
began when transiting Mars moved from 29 Capricorn to 0 Aquarius on 9 November 2016. It is a spot along the zodiac soon to be transited by Pluto. This signals the foreshadowing of Pluto and its transit through Aquarius.
But don’t expect universal togetherness and handholding across the world. Just the opposite.
If you are awake you can already smell the smoke and it’s probably getting difficult to breathe. There’s something in the air.
The life we lived until now is over, not only in America but everywhere on the planet. In 2019 Saturn and Pluto and the South node in Capricorn will tell us a lot more about what we can expect and what we have to face. The system is crumbling we all know that.
Where is that planetary configuration occurring in Donald Trump’s horoscope? It turns out it’s his sixth house, wow he has a job. Somebody hired him and maybe it wasn’t just all the voters.
He is in the White House because somebody wanted him there. Metaphysically speaking he is perfect, not only because he possesses the right blend of chutzpah, vulgarity and instability, but he reflects the perversion of the American culture of greed and avarice.

It’s all a massive distraction supported by the conventional media which brands any dissenting observer as a conspiracy theory

Pluto in Capricorn in its lowest form is about the acquisition of property in real estate in a ruthless manner and that’s going on everywhere on earth, it’s a battle for territory — an old story.
With Pluto coming to Aquarius in a couple of years, only hinted at this month, the war will be waged off world. Competition for claiming territory and possession of the precious resources that exist throughout this solar system, though as yet underplayed, will be a major focus .

Pluto in any size is always about the exercising of control, at least in the beginning of its transit. Trump’s administration represents the coming turn in national, international and interplanetary politics, Pluto in Aquarius, only hinted at now, will be a reflection of the heterogeneous and heterogenus
aspects of the emerging new society. Those two words mean something similar and different: being of different kinds, degrees or dimensions, involving substances of different phases as in solids liquids and gases, and originating outside the organism.
This will be a reflection of greater anarchy growing out of xenophobia.
That’s what border security and the wall is all about.



The battle actually began with the 2016 American election spectacle. It has unleashed an ideological, economic and philosophical set of conflicting social positions. So don’t expect things to ever get back to normal, for a long long time, in, fact never.
It will be new, with new exciting elements and scary things to get used to. Although Pluto will move by transit out of this present position in Capricorn and eventually through Aquarius and Pisces and the rest of the signs, more out-of-towners will make their presence known in Washington, as the transition and transformation of human society takes place.

It will not be comfortable. Remember that the transit of Pluto will move into Aquarius over the next couple of years. In the American horoscope however, the progressed Pluto remains in Capricorn until 2054. This means that many humans will be born in the United States with Pluto in Capricorn while they themselves will be born with Pluto in Aquarius.
The members of the present system will not move over easily. It takes time for any system to finally give way to the transformation process begun by Trumps ascendancy in 2016.

It is difficult to imagine how we will all, well not all just human beings, will adjust to the anarchy and foreign and alien influences that have almost already seamlessly invaded our consciousness.

In the recently published work by NASA: archaeology, anthropology and interstellar communication, certainly no astrological mention was made to 0° Aquarius, Donald Trump or the vast transformation in human society and in the species itself taking place now. It’s all there though. In order for any interstellar species to make itself known to earthlings, the world would have to come together as one.

Society would immediately collapse if it was too abrupt and its citizens would be plunged into a deep depression. Or unity of spirit surrounding the whole planet, it would be necessary.

Let’s come back to Earth and forget talk of aliens for the moment, no matter what NASA says. This planet right now, with the crossing of Pluto at the crossroads of its South Node is once again full of dark shadows.
A door has been opened and much dark energy has been allowed in.

The battle for control of earth is being waged on a multi-national level. Conspiracy theorists can be comfortably laughed yet. This may be the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, but don’t get the wrong idea. We’re not exactly in the fifth dimension yet.
In order to successfully make the transition with as little panic as possible, those who set themselves up as leaders are taxed with the task of providing enough stimulation in the form of distractions to keep the masses focused on the distractions, while that transformation takes place.
That’s why I see Donald Trump as the clown they hired to warm up the crowd before the main event, meaning no disrespect. Why would a pie in the face type of guy be hired, yes hired, for a job he doesn’t need or want. Unless he does need a job? So why would he take the worst one on the planet Earth, just because he gets his name in gold on the front door?

What about hunger, water, agriculture, geo-engineering the weather, the real cause of cancer, the marginalization of healing medicine and the rise of the machines and the politics of control?
It’s not like on Star Trek. And from the looks of things it is likely not to be this dismal look at the future we think, that just getting rid of the supposedly leaders will solve all the problems. Not every snake is poisonous; some, however, are real pissers. Same with the newcomers and out-of-towners who want first cut of their roast beef, mainly because they’re probably not all vegan and gluten-free either.

Leaders from all countries, and by the term leaders I mean the rich ones who control the leaders – bosses, or under bosses, because there’s a definite hierarchy involved here. So all of the “bosses” of all the countries, including the Pope, are trying to keep the people dazed with the belief that their welfare is in control of the leaders. They ban cigarettes then legalize weed.

It’s a drag to be the only sober person at a party full of drunks. It’s lonely to be the designated driver, but it’s the only way to help getting everybody home safely.


Copyright Michael Lutin 2019


This written material may not be copied or used in any medium existing now or in future formats for any reason, without the express permission of Michael Lutin or his representatives.

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“Oh, my Lordy Lordy Loo”, as Mother used to say, when words failed. I had heretofore imagined having Donald removed would take us nicely and neatly back to the days before when love and light and Kumbayah was within reach. Evidently I was fooling myself with the fantasy I preferred to the chaos which I can hear in the canyons of tomorrow.

Well, Forewarned is forearmed……or…is it?

Thanks for the handbook for your followers and adepts.


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