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A Look at Saturn Pluto

.We’ve got news to impart and it’s not all bad.

But first a message about Saturn Pluto: The earthly business drag that brings u success by threatening to wipe you out.

There’s a good year of it. 

Don’t despair. This week’s Uranus in Taurus a healthy game changer.  Complacency definitely upset, as the earthquake rattles your teacup and spills your plate of cookies.  That’s followed  immediately Wednesday by a New Moon in Pisces during which miracles happen.

 But it’s the year- longer view of the Saturn Pluto conjunction which provides the foundation for all the rebuilding and reconstruction you want to make in the coming months.

Don’t hate me. It’s better to be awake than asleep.

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Michael, this is one of your best and most profound offerings yet,
which is saying a great deal. Well done you.

It’s always better to be awake when navigating. Sounds like the choice not to is the opportunity to chaotic misopportunity.

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