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“AW GOLDANGIT! Cried Superman.

Chiron in Aries, going forward with a new choice and a new challenge
”AW, GOLDANGIT!” Cried Superman.
“KRYPTONITE! Damn! The last thing I need right now.”
The Man of Steel stared at the jagged green crystal in hands.
“Oh, well,” he thought.
“I’m certainly not going to let a little thing like a potentially crippling weakness stop me from fighting to save humanity, am I? Or AM I?”

The courageous, personal (and private) commitment you are making now.
But deeper than that…
A true hero hero carries on.

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Your timing is impeccable. Today has been one stinking let down after another and this is exactly what I need to remind myself of.

PATRICIA Puliafico

Moving forward slowly.

Didn’t realize it was Kryptonite at first, thought it was CRYptonite. Now I get it, and I will toss that BS far far away from me. It doesn’t really hurt now, it just used to.

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