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Alliances shifting daily. I’m telling you it’s crazy.

You’ll notice that the evening no-news is full of heartfelt stories of people who averted disaster and got well after being sick against the odds.   That’s to keep them from jumping off bridges. But behind the scenes and under cover of night Those  with money and power Are making Secret deals with the out-of-towners in the believe they can own the whole galaxy. They alsobelieve they can curry favor with the out-of-towners and make deals to keep themselves safe. The out-of-towners are secretly laughing at the  Paltry efforts of the rich and powerful fools. Meanwhile  the poor witless  farmers and the rest of the weekend natives  scurry about Dull-eyed, drugged on pharmaceuticals, staring into their phones and watching television believing what theyre being told and avoiding a confrontation with the fact that their world is about to change forever.

The out-of-towners win


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As Crazy Ralph said to the campers in FRIDAY THE 13TH, “You’re all doomed!”

No spoiler alert ?! Meanwhile, back at Consciousness central, questions are being raised about just what constitutes an “out-of-towner” . . . .

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