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If you just stop laughing for a sec

 If you’d stop laughing for just one second and look around you at all the knee-slapping and guffawing of the audience sitting behind you in this theater, you will see that the poor slob on the stage is actually a sad creature. 

It’s actually as cruel as laughter  at  a stroke victim or war veteran with a head injury, when actually the star of the show is being used by for a very dark purpose, by individuals whose names we wouldn’t  recognize or probably even pronounce.

Whoever is behind it all is not yet quite ready to dispose of this tragic pagliaccio,  whose greed and desperation for attention has prompted  him to take the bait. 

 For some reason as yet undisclosed by the producers of this gala event, distracting the crowd has been a vital element.  All in good fun , it seems to be  a night of preposterous, vaudevillian, baggy pants comedy.  Actually it has been a brilliant device to turn the crowd’s  attention away from what is really going on. 

It’s not a new joke.

It’s a method that’s been  directly employed by would/be power-grabbing assassins able to consolidate their power and advance their nefarious schemes only by hiding behind a buffoon.

 A Perfect foil it is, to present a shameless nut who makes vulgar fart jokes to a multitude roaring with laughter. He continues to do so until the poor Schlemiel shits his pants and has  some kind of a “heart attack”right on stage.

Just turn around and look at the audience – – all the laughter. Just for a second stop laughing at the onstage talentless goofball making public fun of his own stupidity his own little penis.

He’s convinced he’s going to get the last laugh, when neither he nor the naïve members of the audience, Who  pay good money  to  have a night off from their anxiety-filled lives to scream with delight at the show, are aware of what’s going on. Nobody gets the real joke, for right at that moment, while the tragic “Ciarlatano terrificante” is peeing  down the leg  of his baggy pants and freaking his brains out for one more cheap Laugh, a ruthless revolutionary war for control of the planet Earth Is taking place.

make ‘em laugh

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Brilliant. Thank you.

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